Good time to buy Ethereum?

The price chart of ETH starts looking good. We like to rely on some long-term trend that shows the most likely course development. When investing, you must believe in something.
In the case of ETH, we rely on a long upward trend line (green), which is repeatedly copied by the chart (see figures). Only once was the penetration under the trend, that was in April, but the course immediately came back.

In addition, we found a match in the course development, a pattern in which development could be repeated in the months to come. This pattern is the first green bubble, the course development May — July 2017. Today’s situation is in the second green bubble and the assumption of course development (see green and red arrows).

Buying for $600 (about half the ATH) is nothing fantastic. There are currencies in a worse fall (better opportunity ). But we believe in ETH, it is more secure investment. Being completely free of ETH is not a good choice right now. It is also good to have some reserve for potential buy between $500–300. You never know.