Litecoin Black Friday again?

This is the first time that LTC is under $100 this year. We consider numbers $1, $10, $100, $1000, $10000 as a magical limit for which strong support and resistance are created. When they are repeatedly penetrated, then another growth or fall occurs, depending on which side they come from.

We are now considering an interesting purchase of LTC between $85 and $70 for short-term speculation. If the LTC drops quickly to $60 - $40, I think it's a great opportunity for short-term speculation and long-term holdings. The rate will tend to return quickly to $90 because it is the first break below $100.

The LTC can pretty much "f*ck up" with the investment. We remember well how we went back to LTC in 2014 for $25, after selling between $36 and $48. It seemed profitable to buy back for half the value. Then the LTC fell to the magical limit of $10 (1/5 ATH), and it seemed that the border would not break. We bought another LTC and after penetration of 10 USD, the LTC gradually fell below $2!!!! (1/24 ATH). So, we bought again and waited.

Imagine that in December 2013 someone bought the LTC for $48, and a year later he would have left less than $2 from every LTC! And after 3 years he could sell for $360. It's a roller coaster.

I'm not saying that the LTC will again fall to 1/24 ATH (that would be around $15), but in theory the scenario may be repeated. We are not very much in favor of falling below 50 USD, so we are focusing on a good purchase of $85 and $50.

For many people who bought LTC and other currencies in December 2017, it must be terrible nerves.