Brand made by two friends who got rich by investing in cryptocurrency. Imagine that you bought or mined bitcoins for just $50 in 2010. Sounds good? Yeah, we did it. Cryprocurrency is our/yours decentralized world without banks and bureaucracy with fast payments and small fees but I bet my bitcoin that you already know it, don't you? This is like a dream, so why the f*ck are there still people who don’t like it?

In late of 2017 we started HODLGANG brand – a brand for all addicted crypto-maniacs. Brand created with attention to cryptocurrency and a little bit of irony. 

If you are new in crypto maybe you are asking why hodl instead of hold. But we don’t have time to explain it to you. Google that sh*t and learn something new that add positive value to your life :) 

The reason why we started HODLGANG brand is that by wearing our clothes you can show that you support cryptocurrency, too. That you are a part of HODLGANG – the revolution that is happening right now!